Everybody wants to succeed, but few people take the time to study success. Similarly, everyone dislikes failure, but few people invest the time and energy to disdain the vulnerability of failure. Often we are too busy basking in the glory of our triumphs to think through what we did right, or the pain of failure is sufficiently intense that many of us want to “move on” and “put it behind us” as soon as we can. Yet those who want to improve their chances of success can ill afford to disregard the issue of why; despite seemingly equal levels of intelligence and education, some people succeed where others fail. Substantially, educational output indicates that how people understand success and failure exerts an important influence on their level of achievement. Personally, I may regard person of this category as “Learners”. It is important to present learners with tasks that are challenging but not overwhelming. If you feel that you never had a chance or that you do not need to push yourself at all in order to succeed, you are not likely to benefit substantially from the experience. Therefore, nothing on the planet earth is not worth doing well. Everything can be done at ease if you can integrate your effort ceaselessly. You can!

Sometimes I asked myself on how I will improve and restructure my writing proficiency , whenever I read other books, like Journals, Magazine, online comments and other publications I feel I have gone not far in my writing structure. Perhaps I obviously believe I will and can improve better if I should practice the skill consistently. It’s simply you going extra miles if really you want to accomplish your goals and dreams. Some persons are not likely to work hard or to be active in anything they do. Success is a task. Thus, you may be sluggish and lazy in some point but you must discern yourself by embracing patience and perseverance. Nothing good comes easy, therefore you ought not to relent for any good to come to you abruptly without you working for it. You can do whatever you wishes doing. I had a friend who was intended to study business administration at the college level, He was very serious and determined because His primary passion is to become an entrepreneur and future investor. Indeed he knows he can by having that believe and determination, Of course he kept to his faith and today he employ people to help manage his businesses. Undermining your knowledge of not trying is a rare mass frustration and failure, how you acknowledge yourself is what matters the most. You can! Most people find it hard to believe in themselves. Believe in yourself and your dreams and goals will come to reality as pronounced. There is no short cut in actualizing your dreams. Indeed, there is no limit in given yourself incentive about your dreams and ambitions. This preface will not only make you happy but you would be recognized as well in all ramifications. The efficacy of success is not measured by doubt and perplexity.

There are some questions that yet to be answered by many professionals who have supposedly written so much on the best success strives. Who knows the best formula for success and by whom the formula was formulated? Absolutely, my readers out there, I would assure you that there’s neither a straight route for attaining your dreams, no equation and no better principles. I defined success as a task. It’s not a risk assessment system which may require technical solution. It’s a task accorded right from the day you were born. It’s a task that you can do. As a learner, you should be ready to learn and get through the lane of unhealthy living, and enjoy the efficacy through your efforts.



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