In life there are challenges, options and solutions. We make choices based on what we see and know. And these become a great daily influence on how we make decisions for our lives.

Options in a situation are ways open to us with which we can obtain desired solution. The option to take a chance, the option to keep fighting our way through, the determined option to seek out a solution and the option to give-up are all within our decision. No one will like to give up when he can see or know the way out. The greatest fears that make us get discouraged, lose hope and consider giving up are the view we have of our strength, failures and weaknesses. All you need now is to see and know the truth that will immensely influence your decision about giving up. The truth to know and see is that: Your weaknesses, small strength and failures are all needed for your victory. The actual truth is that you don’t have to depend only on yourself to win life’s battles. There are forces that either assist your weakness to help you up or leave you all alone to your little self-there are limited and uncertain human forces that may seem to help and there is also a potent divine being.

God is the divine being who rescues and helps us just like a lifeguard does. A lifeguard can only save a drowning man when he ceases from his fruitless self struggles to save himself. But can only get rescued from the belly of the water when he is calm and still for the lifeguard to reach him and float up with him without any risk or jeopardy to the rescue mission. This is an encounter of a great man who was down and weak but experienced change when he encountered the divine being. “Don’t affiliate your winning bullet”.


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