One of the greatest problem most of us are facing today is that of setting  goals and achieving them all. We all want to get a lot of activities done, we want to achieve all, we basically want to get the best of all we set our mind and hands on, but in the end, nothing is ever done, none achieved and we are left with this shade of disappointment and utter confusion as to why nigh king ever works out for us.

But on careful observation, we can get the answers to this critical question that has arisen. Good news friends, you don’t have to hit your head in the wall no more, you are not a FAILURE! And contrary to what you might think, the problem is that you are yet to get the proper combination of all your available resources to get the best of all you set your hands on, so nothing good seems to come out all your endeavors. Don’t loose just yet ……………….consider the following factor which you and I very well known, in short this is somewhat of remembrance.


Most of us set goals like spawning frogs, we set our mind on so many things that in the end there is nothing to pick out from, and ultimately we get frustrated and give up on the entire goals.

Not been specific can be linked to a marksman trying to shoot a moving targets, while he can actually hit some targets, you will agree with me that he will do better if he was to be firing at a mounted, stationary an non- moving target. Reason with me, don’t you think there is reason why it is better to kill a bird with a stone than two birds with a stone?

You have to be specific, put all your goals in your own level of preference, synonym and attack from the root. A known fact to know is that trying to be good in everything, will actually make you good at nothing.

Choose to accomplish goals that have realistic factors first and after you are soaked up in experience, you can then try to conquer more.


Time is the most expensive factor in life that we get ironically free on earth. So free that a lot of us do not have a better use of it no more. Now we speed it carelessly and because we think that it comes with no hidden charges.(WELL, IT DOES).

Critical decisions can be made in just minutes. Procrastination is the thief of time and my friend when you do not work with time frame, you become an accomplice even to your own downfall and setback.


Consistency is the reason why a blunt cutlass can be used to fell a tree with high goth size, the key is to keep cutting at the same strength and size. When you start up anything new, you are just another fella, struggling and trying to make a mark in niche or sector that has been saturated by thousands of people who are doing something similar to that which you have been dreaming about.

By: Engr. Adoyi P.O.


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